Meet The Team – Jody Blair – Marketing & Communications Manager

This week, as part of our Meet The Team we caught up with Jody Blair. Jody has recently been promoted to Marketing & Communications Manager and initially started at Millers Oils during her placement year at University.

What do you do at Millers Oils?

I started my new role as Marketing & Communications Manager in April, which I am loving. I brief on everything from social posts to brochures to official company documents. It’s a great mix! I work closely with our Graphic Designer and more recently the Technical Team and Product Managers – social media is a great love of mine and I have tried to amp up Millers Oils’ involvement across our platforms in the last few months. Previously I was Product Manager for the Commercial Vehicle sector and I actually had my first role within Millers Oils in 2018 during my placement year at University, as Marketing Assistant. I made a great decision to come back to the business in July 2021 and despite the hour commute, I love my job and am proud to have grown my career here.

What’s your favourite hot drink to have when you are working?

I am a coffee addict! Although, I do love the occasional peppermint tea in the office to refresh the taste buds.

What do you do to wind down on an evening?

I don’t often get a chance to wind down having a 2-year-old at home. I love the summer months as it gives me chance to go for a family bike ride or dog walk to the local when I get home from work. The occasional cider also helps – always Thatchers Gold.

What car brand do you love the most?

No preferred brand. In the 5 years I’ve been driving I’ve had cars ranging from Citroen, to Audi, to a VW Caddy.  However within the next few months, I have my heart set on buying a VW Beetle – this is mainly due to the influence of our Technical Marketing Manager who lives and breathes VW. Thanks Mark!

What’s your go to morning snack to set you up for the day?

I am not a breakfast girl, and because of that I normally end up eating my lunch by 11am. I have a sweet tooth though, so do sometimes love a Danish in the morning.