Keep your fleet on the road this winter… and next

Peak season is upon us, and with the additional strains of driver shortages on the haulage industry this year, avoiding unplanned downtime and breakdowns will be key to success.

Are you a Fleet Operator? Do you plan in preventative maintenance? Ensuring maintenance is planned before it becomes reactive maintenance is essential in ensuring your fleet is kept on the road, in the best condition, and ultimately protecting your profits and protecting your staff.

Protected by Millers Oils is our comprehensive aftercare programme for commercial vehicles, Millers Oils works closely with fleet operators, using the programme to help avoid costly breakdowns and keep vehicles on the road. Launched back in July, the programmes key aims are to keep vehicles on the road, ensuring the safety of drivers and other road users, and ultimately protecting the businesses of our economy-critical fleet operators.

The Protected by Millers Oils aftercare programme has been designed following years working with fleet operators and listening to their needs. The programme addresses issues throughout the full aftercare cycle of the vehicle: we recommend the best products for your vehicle, rationalising inventory where possible to reduce complexity and the risk of misapplication. The next step is regular oil analysis to determine the condition of the oil, as well as identify any signs of engine component wear. We recommend sampling engine oil in the mid-service interval, in order to pre-empt any issues before they become a problem.

The sampling is simple: just 80ml is enough for our lab to analyse and make any recommendations, and we can test gear, coolant and fuel, too. A history of regular oil analysis showing the vehicle has been well maintained, alongside the vehicle’s service history can also boost resale values on defleeting – adding further value to the customer’s business.

With Christmas around the corner, the importance of keeping informed of your fleet’s condition and on top of maintenance is paramount – after all, the haulage industry is the real Santa!

In addition to our aftercare programme, Millers Oils has seen further investment in its offering for the commercial vehicle sector over the last 18 months with a full range of new and improved engine oils, launched in November 2020, our oils cover the latest specifications as well as ensuring backwards compatibility for older fleets. You may have seen on socials that we have also reformulated and rebranded our heavy-duty driveline range… with new optimised formulations and the incorporation of products into the Truckmaster, Multifleet and Maxifleet family we already have present in the engine oil market.

Protected by Millers Oils can be tailored to suit individual business needs, no matter the fleet size or vehicle type. For information on the programme and the full range of Millers Oils engine oils, gear oils and fuel treatments please visit Protected by Millers Oils or contact us below:

Call us on 01484 713201 or e-mail sales@millersoils.co.uk