Meet Our P4P Cyclist – Jake Harris!

This week, as a special edition of our meet the team, we sat down with Jake this week who is riding in HTAFC’s Pedal 4 Pounds!

Here’s how it went!

Tell us a bit about you.

I am the Technical Sales Executive at Millers Oils with a focus on the automotive sectors we work in. I haven’t been here long, I joined in July 2022. Day-to-day, I answer enquiries ranging from end users to garages and distributors, making sure they all get the correct, high-quality products they require.

I am a local lad, I grew up nearby, and I have always had an interest in motorsport. My mum got me into F1 as a kid and watching touring cars on a Sunday morning!

I have always been aware of Millers Oils, so when I moved back to the area after spending eight years working in the Alps, I thought I would apply!

Why have you decided to take part in P4P?

I thought it would be a great challenge for me. I am a mountain biker really but I thought I would give road biking a go and, of course, it is for charity!

What training have you been doing?

Not enough!!

I have been out on my mountain bike and I have borrowed my Dad’s turbo trainer, which I have been using in the evenings after work.

What do you feel the biggest challenge will be?

The sustained saddle time, definitely. When mountain biking, you are out of the saddle a lot. This is going to be very different and it may hurt to sit down afterward!!

What are you most looking forward to when it is complete?

I will celebrate with a nice big pizza – I will have earned it. I am also proud to be doing it for a good cause and hope I get into road cycling more after it. Hopefully, I will enjoy it overall as I love the challenge.

Did you bike in the Alps?

Yes, absolutely loved it. It’s beautiful, and the amount of downhill routes is a bonus! Serfus is my particular favourite place to ride.

Rumours have it that you’re dragging your dad along, is this true?

Yes, my dad will be joining me for the trip! My dad is a big road cyclist so it will be interesting to see how I compare to him with me being a keen mountain biker!

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