Important news for our Millers Oils partners

Dear valued partner,

As our country prepares to action measures to control the spread of the Covid 19 virus and everyone is beginning to absorb the scale of the challenge that faces us all as a nation. Millers Oils is closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and we are adapting accordingly to do all we can to protect the health and safety of our staff whilst simultaneously working in collaboration with our suppliers, customers and distributors, and all employees to help protect the financial wellbeing and sustainability of all our businesses.

Primarily we urge everyone to act responsibly in protecting yourself and each other from this dreadful virus.

Millers Oils has already introduced a contingency plan that minimises the risk to health whilst maximising our ability to maintain business continuity and support to all of our customers. Our plan focuses upon our two central manufacturing and distribution hubs in England and Scotland and includes measures that socially distances key personal, providing as much isolation as possible, with these hubs further supported by our expanded team of national remote workers.

Focusing upon the needs of our customers, we have worked in collaboration with our logistics partners to reduce the minimum order quantities required for free delivery. (£200, UK only) We have also invested capital in increased stock holding inventory to ensure we have safeguarded both current and future supply of raw materials to ensure we can continue to deliver continuity of supply to our customers.

We believe the actions so far taken will mitigate as far as possible any disruption to service at this particularly stressful time for all and helps us deliver on our promise of putting the needs of our Customer first.

In true British spirit, with a bit of Yorkshire grit thrown in for good measure, we promise to work in close collaboration with all of our trusted and valued customers and distributors to ensure that together, we all emerge safe and sound and stronger from these challenging times.

Kind regards

Tony Lowe

Managing Director