Having Problems with a Blocked DPF?

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner & Regenerator 

Having problems with a blocked DPF?

Short trips and stop-start driving will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures meaning the regeneration of the DPF won’t occur and will lead to blockage by trapped particulate matter. The engine will become inefficient, and in some cases, the warning light will come on requiring immediate action.

Our Diesel Particulate Cleaner and Regenerator is a one-shot diesel additive designed to force the DPF to regenerate and therefore clean the after-treatment system.

Our product reduces the regeneration temperature required to allow the trapped soot particles to be burnt off. This ensures a cleaner and more efficient DPF.

Benefits include:

  • A one-shot treatment for fast results without the expense of dismantling or renewal
  • Lowers the temperature of regeneration assisting the removal of trapped soot particles
  • Cleans the DPF, providing optimum fuel economy, reducing emissions, and restoring engine power
  • Highly suitable where short trip stop-start driving is the norm

Just add to your fuel tank prior to refuelling with one 250ml bottle treating 60 litres of fuel, approximately every 4000-5000 miles or 3-6 months depending on driving conditions. However, it can be used more frequently if DPF blocking is a regular problem. This diesel fuel treatment is suitable for vehicles fitted with Ad Blue after-treatment systems.

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