Your Guide to NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology

Yellow car with NANODRIVE low friction technology logo


NANODRIVE is the award-winning Millers Oils motorsport technology used in engine and driveline lubricants. For high-performance applications, where stress on components is at its limit, NANODRIVE technology offers greater and more consistent lubrication over a wider temperature range.

NANODRIVE technology combines advanced nanoparticles with triple ester chemistry to significantly reduce friction, protect against wear and maximise power. Millers Oils has carried out extensive testing on its formulations, proving that NANODRIVE dramatically improves film strength, reduces friction and boosts power, for better performance at elevated temperatures.

What is ester chemistry?

Esters are valuable functional molecules in a lubricant, providing excellent lubricity as well as high oxidation stability. They are surface-active, so they efficiently coat metal surfaces to protect against friction and wear. There are different types of esters that interact differently both with themselves and other additives, so the oil blend has to be expertly balanced. Millers Oils has developed a unique triple ester formulation that works synergistically to greatly enhance performance.

When was NANODRIVE introduced?

NANODRIVE was launched in 2007, with Millers Oils making its name in the motorsport world. It was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the motorsport industry for greater and more consistent lubrication over a wider temperature range, particularly in gearbox applications. Since then, Millers Oils has continued to develop its motorsport range, ensuring users keep the competitive edge on the track.

Where is NANODRIVE used?

NANODRIVE was originally developed for motorsport applications and is used in all Millers Oils ‘Motorsport’ engine and driveline lubricants (gears, suspension, transfer case and differential) to achieve winning results in both professional and non-professional racing.

Following the success of our NANODRIVE motorsport range, we took our nanotechnology expertise from the race track and applied it to the automotive market through the ‘EE Performance’ range for engine and driveline lubricants. EE Performance lubricants are ideal for track days, fast road cars and cherished vehicles, meeting the manufacturer specifications, recommended drain intervals, and suitable for the ‘in warranty’ period.

Every product that contains NANODRIVE technology will have the NANODRIVE logo clearly labelled above the product name, so there is never any confusion.

What is the evidence?

To demonstrate NANODRIVE properties, the coefficient of friction was tested against a typical 5w40 oil:

  • CFS NT+ reduced friction by over 53%
  • CFS 5w40 reduced friction by 27%
  • EE Performance reduced friction by up to 24%

Comparison image of a wear scar from lubricant without NANODRIVE and with NANODRIVE

A wear scar (area of material removed by metal to metal contact) test was also conducted. A typical 5w40 passenger car engine oil (image 1) and CFS 5w40 NT+ (image 2) were tested on the HFRR with a contact pressure of 833kPa. The results show that the CFS 5w40 NT+ offers over a 48% reduction in wear scar area over the typical automotive product.

The key achievements of NANODRIVE technology

NANODRIVE products have won awards such as MIA Business Excellence Awards, World Motorsport Symposium Innovation Award and Race Tech most innovative new motorsport product. Not to mention the numerous winning individuals and motorsport teams who have won their respective competitions using Millers Oils NANODRIVE. Recently including, Martin Macík, the winner of the 2024 Dakar Rally trucks category using Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 10w60 NT+, and RS Off-Road the winners of the 2023 AWDC Freelander Championship using Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 5w40 NT+.

Which NANODRIVE engine oil do I need?

Depending on the application, NANODRIVE can be used in motorsport, including top tier, amateur and classic, as well as for automotive use.

If you want the best quality product for automotive, that meets the manufacturers’ specification and drain interval period, use EE performance. EE Performance is the most premium automotive range produced by Millers Oils, not just suitable for ‘performance’ vehicles, but anyone seeking improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, enhanced performance, and substantial wear protection.

For motorsport applications:

The competition fully synthetic NT+ range is ideal for a professional racing driver who needs maximum power and the best protection, to achieve winning results.

CFS is ideal for a racing enthusiast. It is a high quality product, one step down from the professional racing product, perfect for increasing power and torque for a competitive edge in non-professional racing.

What is the difference between CFS and CFS NT+ if they both use NANODRIVE technology?

Simply, the amount of NANODRIVE technology used. CFS NT+ is the best performing Millers Oils engine oil, with the most NANODRIVE. Perfect for professional racing teams seeking top-tier performance in competitive racing events. CFS is ideal for enthusiast racers for competition off-road racing.

Find out more about NANODRIVE here.