What is EPP?

The Emission Performance Programme (EPP) provides garages with a range of high quality treatments to enhance their vehicle service offering and deliver greater profitability. It is effective across a range of vehicle types, ages and mileages, making a difference not only to the fuel economy but also, importantly, the vehicle’s emissions and overall performance.

Why should you use EPP?

  • Increased customer satisfaction Vehicle owners will notice a difference when they drive their vehicle after a service, increasing the chance of them recommending your garages to others – more business for you!
  • Increased customer retention After they notice these differences it means you’ll be their garage of choice every time!
  • Increased profit The Millers Oils EPP brings added value to your service, improving your profitability. Plus, our end-user treatment range is an extension of this designed to maintain your customers vehicles between service intervals. Add this and the Millers Oils point of sale to your counter.
Why do car owners need Millers Oils EPP?

Changes to the EURO 6 legislation on the MOT test have decreased the passable emissions limit, increasing the chance of failure for your customers. Plus, failure to pass a road side emissions test can result in fines or prosecution, meaning car owners will be looking for that something extra to make sure they are well within the legal limits.

The EPP products enable you to promise a pass on emissions within an MOT for your customer with our EPP Promise. If you offer ‘pass or your money back’, we’ll offer the replenishment products in the case of a fail – we’re that confident in the EPP range.

Signing up to the EPP programme means you will be provided with a stock of support materials to give the programme that extra edge for your garage and for your customer.

Got a question about EPP?

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