Purple image of a line of trucks parked

Supporting & Evolving with the CV World Since the 1920s

With a history spanning over a century, Millers Oils has been a constant and innovative presence in the world of commercial vehicle lubrication year on year. To celebrate...

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Image of Mark Grundy our HGV driver, loading a box into his truck.

Meet the Team – Mark Grundy – Professional HGV Class 2 Driver

This week we are celebrating National Lorry Week, so to continue with our Meet the Team series, we caught up with one of our HGV drivers, Mark Grundy....

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60 Years of the Porsche 911: Millers Oils Joins the Celebrations

Millers Oils joins the celebrations of 60 years of the Porsche 911 with XF Premium C3 5w40 now holding Porsche C40 OEM Approval. In the world of iconic...

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Image of Callum Cooper, the Millers Oils National Automotive Sales Manager, wearing a blue suit.

Meet the Team – Callum Cooper – National Automotive Sales Manager

To follow on with our Meet the Team series, we caught up with our National Automotive Sales Manager, Callum Cooper, who has worked at Millers Oils for over...

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Image of all the products in the Millers Oils Emissions Performance Programme range on a red background.

Want to Pass your MOT Emissions Test?

The focus on emissions-related issues has become more important than ever. Since the implementation of Euro 6 legislation for MOT tests, vehicles face an increased risk of failing...

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Image of the new marketing executive.

My First Week at Millers Oils – Genevieve Ackroyd

At Millers Oils, we understand that your first week in a new job can be overwhelming. We wanted to share how we plan a new employee’s first week...

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Image of a man replacing the timing belt on a car.

Reducing Damage to Wet Belt Systems

Timing belt in oil systems, also known as wet belt systems, have been around for over 15 years. Vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, PSA, and Volkswagen use them....

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Find the Correct Oil with Millers Oils WhichOil? Oil Checker

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s engine health and performance, choosing the right engine oil plays a crucial role. An engine oils main jobs are to lubricate,...

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A year as the Official Performance Partner with HTAFC

A year on board with Huddersfield Town as Official Performance Partner, the season has come to an end. Now with Neil Warnock and Ronnie Jepson agreeing to one...

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Picture of debbie smyth for a meet the team interview

Meet The Team – Debbie Smyth – Sales Office Manager

Debbie Smyth has recently joined the Millers Oils team as the Sales Office Manager! To introduce Debbie and carry on our Meet The Team series, we interviewed her...

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race cars for Motorsport maintenance blog

Motorsport Maintenance

If you are a motorsport enthusiast, you will know that the cars are incredibly fast and require a lot of maintenance to keep them running at their best....

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Meet Our P4P Cyclist – Jake Harris!

This week, as a special edition of our meet the team, we sat down with Jake this week who is riding in HTAFC’s Pedal 4 Pounds! Here’s how...

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