Top Tips for taking an oil sample from Industrial equipment

Frequent oil sampling keeps the maintenance department informed of both the condition of the oil and the machine components, allowing maintenance to be planned around production – saving...

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The importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance

The importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance As an oil blender, Millers Oils formulates blends and supplies products for many different applications across all sectors. Each batch...

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Dispelling the myths: OEMs, specifications, approvals, warranties and the Block Exemption Regulation

At Millers Oils we get asked a lot of questions about using oil that “meets specification” versus “OEM approved”, and its effect on vehicle warranty. So, we’ve put...

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Hydraulic oil oxidation FAQ’s

  What is oxidation in oil? Oxidation is the chemical reaction with oxygen, which permanently changes the molecular structure and therefore the properties of the oil.  Depending on...

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