Why choose Millers Oils for your injection moulding machine

Quality product, direct from the blender Millers Oils has been an independent blender of oils since 1887. We source our raw materials, create our own formulations and blend...

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Parked Up Car

Here at Millers Oils we’re not only passionate about our products but also the industries we work in. We have many staff who are passionate about cars and...

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At home car maintenance

Preventative maintenance will ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly for longer, saving you money in the long term and giving you peace of mind. Here are a...

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Best Practice for Machine Shop Christmas Shutdown

Millers Oils Fluid Management Technician, Zane Alqadi, gives best practice tips for looking after your cutting fluid over the holidays. Proper planning for a Christmas shutdown can save...

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Millers Oils cares about your classic vehicle

Here we are in October: the nights are drawing in, the weather has most definitely turned, and it looks like we may have a long winter ahead of...

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What is E10 petrol and should you use it?

Passenger cars, classic cars and motorcycles will all need further protection as the ethanol content in fuel rises. Below our technical advisor explains how this will affect our...

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Dispelling the myths: Synthetic oil in classic vehicles

In the Millers Oils classic vehicle range, there are a number of different types of engine oils, which include mineral, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic blends. In the past...

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Why ‘thinner’ oil offers more cost-effective lubrication

Particularly in the passenger car, LCV and commercial vehicle markets, there is a trend for reduced oil viscosity. We asked Mark Crossley, a member of our technical support...

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Top Tips for taking an oil sample from Industrial equipment

Frequent oil sampling keeps the maintenance department informed of both the condition of the oil and the machine components, allowing maintenance to be planned around production – saving...

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The importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance

The importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance As an oil blender, Millers Oils formulates blends and supplies products for many different applications across all sectors. Each batch...

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Dispelling the myths: OEMs, specifications, approvals, warranties and the Block Exemption Regulation

At Millers Oils we get asked a lot of questions about using oil that “meets specification” versus “OEM approved”, and its effect on vehicle warranty. So, we’ve put...

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Hydraulic oil oxidation FAQ’s

  What is oxidation in oil? Oxidation is the chemical reaction with oxygen, which permanently changes the molecular structure and therefore the properties of the oil.  Depending on...

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