Meet the team – Najeeb Ghrayeb

This week, as part of our #meettheteam we caught up with Najeeb Ghrayeb. Najeeb has recently been promoted to Product Manager  for our industrial range and initially started...

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Meet the team – Jody Blair – Marketing & Communications Manager

This week, as part of our #meettheteam we caught up with Jody Blair. Jody has recently been promoted to Marketing & Communications Manager and initially started at Millers...

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Meet the team – Jordan Wimpenny – UK Sales Development Manager – Fluid Management Division

This month, we have been celebrating various promotions throughout the company. As part of our #meettheteam we caught up with Jordan Wimpenny. Jordan has been with Millers Oils...

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Vehicle Longevity – Fuel Treatments

Making your current vehicle last longer and aiding engine longevity will be at the forefront of many motorist minds. It is also something we have been thinking a...

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Keep your fleet on the road this winter… and next

Peak season is upon us, and with the additional strains of driver shortages on the haulage industry this year, avoiding unplanned downtime and breakdowns will be key to...

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Vision Oil Analysis for Passenger Car

Heavy traffic, modern engine technology and the rise of the gig economy have all contributed to increased levels of stop-start driving, which can take its toll on both...

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Why choose Millers Oils for your injection moulding machine

Quality product, direct from the blender Millers Oils has been an independent blender of oils since 1887. We source our raw materials, create our own formulations and blend...

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Parked Up Car

Here at Millers Oils we’re not only passionate about our products but also the industries we work in. We have many staff who are passionate about cars and...

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At home car maintenance

Preventative maintenance will ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly for longer, saving you money in the long term and giving you peace of mind. Here are a...

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Best Practice for Machine Shop Christmas Shutdown

Millers Oils Fluid Management Technician, Zane Alqadi, gives best practice tips for looking after your cutting fluid over the holidays. Proper planning for a Christmas shutdown can save...

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Millers Oils cares about your classic vehicle

Here we are in October: the nights are drawing in, the weather has most definitely turned, and it looks like we may have a long winter ahead of...

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What is E10 petrol and should you use it?

Passenger cars, classic cars and motorcycles will all need further protection as the ethanol content in fuel rises. Below our technical advisor explains how this will affect our...

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