Red photo of Peter as the laboratory technician looking at a small container and a clipboard

Meet the Team – Peter Woodward – IT Manager

At Millers Oils, we pride ourselves on the dedication and expertise of our team. Today we highlight one of Millers Oils most experienced and valued employees, Peter, our...

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Close up image of a classic Mini

What is the Effect of ZDDP on my Vintage or Classic Vehicle?

What is ZDDP? Developed during the early 1940s, Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) was the original engine oil multi-functional additive that provided anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, and mild extreme pressure...

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Preparing for your Summer Shutdown?

If you’re performing maintenance and repairs, a facility reorganisation for production efficiency or safety, or machinery upgrades and replacements, a summer shutdown period is the ideal time to...

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Image of Justina

Meet the Team Owner – Justina Williams – EXCELR8 Motorsport

Justina Williams is the owner of EXCELR8 Motorsport, a race team that competes in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and Vertu MINI CHALLENGE. ‘Bristol Street Motors with...

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Image of the 2024 EXCELR8 BTCC car on the track with the other cars

Your Guide to the BTCC

What is the BTCC? The BTCC or the ‘British Touring Car Championship’ is one of the most famous motor racing championships. Since starting in 1958, it has captivated...

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Image of RS off-road land rover

RS Off-Road: Racing to Victory!

Overview RS Off-Road is a father-son race team specialising in off-road competitions, boasting an impressive winning record in various events. The inception of RS Off-Road traces back to...

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Barry Sime, wearing his blue race suit, crouched next to his blue mini.

Sime Racing’s Success Story with Millers Oils

Overview Sime Racing was established in 2000 by Jimmy and Barry Sime. With decades of experience between them, the father-son duo has competed in various cars and disciplines....

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Yellow car with NANODRIVE low friction technology logo

Your Guide to NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology

What is NANODRIVE? NANODRIVE is the award-winning Millers Oils motorsport technology used in engine and driveline lubricants. For high-performance applications, where stress on components is at its limit,...

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Image of a man pouring Millers oils classic oil into an engine.

Are Synthetic Oils Safe for Classic Vehicles?

There has previously been concern about the use of synthetic oil in treasured classic vehicles. However, with the use of modern technology and improved industry knowledge, there is...

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Orange photo of a man on a motorcycle

Are Modern Motorcycles Safer than Classics?  

Riding a motorcycle, regardless of age, carries risks. Understanding the unique challenges and advantages of classic and modern motorcycles is crucial for riders safety on the road. What...

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The Role of Lubricants, Fluids and Fuel Treatments in Commercial Vehicles

The combination of different lubricants and fluids plays a vital role in ensuring the power, protection and performance of commercial vehicles. From engine oil to driveline or fuel...

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Image of the Head of Technical R&D - Stephen

Meet the Team – Stephen Chestnutt – Head of Technical R&D

This week we met with Stephen Chestnutt, Millers Oils Head of Technical R&D. He shared his standout moment of his career and his goal for the year. Tell...

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