The Millers Oils brand has grown and developed since 1887, but has always kept John Watson Miller’s original promise:

The quality of my oil will be rigidly adhered to.

John Watson Miller

Portrait of founder John Watson Miller

Brand and Values

Lady on the phone in the office
Man picking up engine oil bottles in manufacturing

Our Values

  • Provide high quality products and services
  • Constantly strive for innovation
  • Work with our customers to add value for their businesses
  • Operate with integrity in a socially responsible, ethical manner

Our Mission

  • To be recognised as the lubricants and fluids industry specialist and technology partner of choice whose inspired and engaged employees add value to all they touch.
  • To operate in a socially responsible and ethical manner, satisfying our customers’ needs by delivering solutions, which are aligned to our core philosophy of:

Best in class products, programmes and people.