As the country prepares to slowly & safely return to work, Millers Oils understand the challenges this will mean to business and we are here to help support you as you plan for the months ahead.

For motorfactors and garages of all types, we have a number of supports that include…

  • Reduced minimum order quantities (UK only)
  • Technical support, including over the phone oil recommendations
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Treatment programmes, providing solutions to prevent and cure problems caused by limited car usage.
  • ‘Back To Work offering’



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Which Oil?
Search by your registration or vehicle make and model to find out which oil your customers require.

Looking to help your customer’s maintain their vehicle life?

Engine longevity and maintaining vehicle life will come a main priority for car owners coming out of COVID-19. The Millers Oils Emission Performance Programme is a range of treatments for use in vehicle services to help improve a vehicle’s internal systems.
Then with the use of aftermarket fuel treatments, vehicle owners can maintain the life of their vehicle between services – garages can provide these treatments post-service.

Contact the team on 01484 713201 to discuss your individual requirements.