Astounding results from the Millers Oils EPP Range

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‘Needless to say, I will be recommending this to all of my customers’

Astounding results from the Millers Oils EPP range!

‘Needless to say, I will be recommending this to all of my customers’

On a recent visit from a Millers Oils sales representative, I was introduced to their EPP Treatment range for the trade industry. I have come across additive products before and never had good experiences. The Millers Oils representative carried out a technical on car demonstration and I must say I was sceptical.

Before the tests started, the car was fully up to temperature so that the readings would be fair at the start and end of the demonstration. The emissions were tested and the compressions were recorded. Millers Oils then filmed inside the cylinders, so that we could see what they looked like before and after.

Initially, they were going to test the oil cleaner and the fuel cleaners together, but I wanted to see the impact that each of them made, so I asked them to test the oil cleaner first and then the fuel cleaner.

The results were amazing.

The cylinders were unbalanced on the first compressions readings, with a variance of 35psi between the top and the bottom reading. After the oil cleaner was added and the oil and filter were changed, the cylinders all sat at 160psi, completely balanced. When I drove the vehicle there was a dramatic improvement, it was smoother and more responsive.

We then went on to add the fuel and exhaust system cleaner and the results got even better. The compression increased further, but more importantly, there were some noticeable differences to the characteristics of the engine. The car has been idling at 1100rpm before the tests, now it idles at 1000rpm. On the test drive, again the car felt better to drive and it had cured a long term overrun problem.

I was convinced! However, my team were not…

My MOT tester suggested that we carry out the test on his car as it is very well maintained and had had a carbon clean carried out four months’ prior. It was a diesel which is what we work on most of the time and have the most problems with. The Millers Oils representative agreed to do this.

We followed the same procedure as above and the results again were spectacular.

When we looked at the cylinders after treating the vehicle, they looked almost as good as new, you could see the metal shining back at you. The compressions had become back into balance and in my MOT testers own words ‘it’s a lot smoother, there’s a hell of a difference in driveability, better throttle response, it’s just a nicer drive altogether’.

Needless to say, I will be recommending this to all of my customers.

Steve Randall

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