Millers Oils offer a range of quality Agricultural oils and ancillary products for use in Agricultural vehicles, including fleets of tractors, combine harvesters and for applications such as engines gearboxes, hydraulics and brake systems.

The range offers both operational and protective performance for all seasons and operating conditions including fertilising, haymaking, cropping and even ploughing.


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Agricultural Engine Oils

The Millers Oils range of engine oils helps to:
• Improve fuel economy and engine cleanliness, using the latest additive technology
• Reduce operating costs through extended drain intervals and stock rationalisation
• Minimise downtime by providing engine protection and longevity
• Features the highest industry specifications and OEM approvals


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We have further products to support your business needs such as hydraulic oils, coolants and greases. For more information on the full offering, go to the Agricultural section of our website.

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Agricultural Services

Millers Oils offers its oil sample analysis service, Vision, for Agricultural applications. This service will help you to:
• Monitor condition of oil
• Pre-empt costly and time-consuming breakdowns
• Increase engine and machine life