About Millers Oils

Millers Oils is a leading manufacturer and independent blender of oils and lubricants, operating since 1887 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning innovation and our independence which allows maximum flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.
Millers Oils supplies over 5,000 distributors and end users in the UK, and has a network of 50 international distributors globally, covering Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific.

Research and Development

Millers Oils has an on-site laboratory, equipped for product testing across all product sectors. This not only allows us to formulate and test our products to ensure all specifications are met, but also to develop new and innovative lubrication technologies for the market.

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Customer Service and Support

  • Dedicated sales teams for each business sector to ensure specialist customer support
  • Customer service team
  • Technical help desk for enquiries and troubleshooting
  • Used oil analysis and condition monitoring services for preventative maintenance

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Operations and Logistics

Millers Oils main site in Brighouse, West Yorkshire has blending, warehousing and logistics facilities to service its customers in England and Wales. We also have a warehousing and logistics site in Cumbernauld, Scotland.
Millers Oils has its own fleet of delivery vehicles, and also works with third party logistics companies to ensure flexibility and on-time delivery for our customers.