5 minutes with Strasse UK Ltd – The North’s Leading Independent Porsche Specialists

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We recently caught up with Lindsay at Strasse UK! Strasse have been a customer of Millers Oils for the last 11 years, with the last 4 years as a partner through sponsorship.

We delved in to find out ‘Why Millers?’, their key achievements, and inspirations as a well-established, successful business. Read on to find out how it went!

Tell us about yourself/company and how you came to partner with Millers Oils?

Strasse are very much a family based business specialising in all things Porsche. It’s a tale of the childhood dream of owning one. Cliché but very true. Training with Porsche before establishing Strasse in 1994 that enthusiasm hasn’t waned. With a family history of motorsport this was always a natural addition to the Company. With sales, engine and transmission builds together with the body shop and motorsport build prep and support there is always something interesting going on.

So how did we get to Millers? It’s a cautionary tale for suppliers. Back in the day Mobil1 was the only oil approved by Porsche and we had always used this. We are a loyal company (still using many of our original suppliers to this day – if it’s not broken don’t try and fix it).

There was a very persistent young man from Millers Oils who called to see us at least once a month only to be turned away.  He appeared one day gleefully waving a sheet of paper confirming Porsche had approved their products…sadly he was turned away again as Mobil! were doing their job for us – this was until our sales rep left and things started going wrong – it just happened that the Millers sales rep happened to make another visit on the day the Mobil rep had forgotten to put our order in.  The rest as they say is history.  We gave Millers a chance and have never looked back for the last 11 years.

Why Millers Oils?

The why we use Millers is very simple.  We have found two important characteristics in the Millers family.

Firstly and most importantly the products. We have been super impressed with the oils and engine flushes etc.  In particular a great test for us comes in the engine building side of our businesses.  Our race engines which are built entirely in house are placed under extreme stress and when the engine refresh takes place we have the oil analysed our technicians are highly impressed with the clean results we get using Nanodrive. If this is then translated down to road car use then you can guarantee the products will do their job.  Our belief, which is old fashioned some say, is that oil is your very best mechanic and an annual oil change regardless of mileage is money well spent, despite car manufacturers advocating longer periods between the change.

The second thing is without doubt the customer care we receive.  Our contact at Millers has always been Josh Ryder and he gives exceptional care and service, always deals quickly with anything we need – production always get our blends out on time and the analysis in the lab gives us excellent feedback.  There is always a friendly and professional approach from Accounts and the Marketing team. Doing business with Millers is totally stress free and that means a lot in these times and gives us confidence that our loyalty to Millers is equally repaid. Like we said, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

What is your favourite Millers Oils product?

Not sure we have a favourite product as they all seem to do exactly what they say on the tin, but the Nanodrive package for the race cars is outstanding as is the the range of engine flush and fuel treatments.

Have you got a memorable achievement or something you’re most proud of in your job?

We are proud everyday of our team and the fact that they love the cars as much as we do. The old masters of the workshop training up the apprentices who we are pleased to say stay with us providing continuity of true engineering skills. With our front of house being the second generation of the family thoroughly enjoying his role.

What is your favourite way to start the day?

Well it’s a McDonald’s coffee en route of course.

Who or what has inspired you in life?

An easy one. My father and Uncle were both in the motor trade, they let me wash cars and practice my sales skills from a young age, spending hours getting in the way probably… I have them to thank for both giving me the love of forest rallying and motorsport. My father in law also in the motor trade for teaching me the ways of running a tight ship in business and keeping customers, suppliers and colleagues happy, and for giving us the confidence boost and courage to go it alone all those years ago.

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