The Millers Oils oil analysis service allows you to find out the condition of your oil, any current problems and to potentially pre-empt any future costly repairs.

The oil analysis sample kits, which are available to buy, will provide you with everything you need to send us a sample along with a simple form to proivde us with the relevant details.

From this sample, the laboratory can determine what kind of life your engine or transmission has been living. From the various tests the sample will undergo we can build up a picture to see if any components are experiencing unusual amounts of wear, or any unusual characteristics.

The analysis identifies and quantifies wear metals, additives and contaminants in the lubricant. From there, a report is created that highlights any unusual characteristics, which can then be used to determine the health of the engine or transmission. For instance, the report could show abnormally high silicone content, which would be an indication that the air-filter needs replacing. Alternatively, high levels of iron could point to the deterioration of cylinder liners or piston rings.

Our sample kits come in two different types; Millercare Premium Sample Kit and Millercare Advanced Sample Kit.

The Millercare Premium Sample Kit contains one sample bottle  along with the form. The Millercare Advanced Sample Kit contains two sample bottles and the forms to go with them so that two samples can be submitted at different intervals in order to establish the initial issues and then to monitor future progress.

Our sample kits are available to buy online for UK based customers only. If anyone outside of the UK would like to request this service please contact For any further information please call our sales team on 01484 713201.