Millers-Xtra Clean-out Service: Milliclean 1000T

What are the benefits?

  • Eliminates cleaning down-time: no need for disassembly; cleans while the system is in operations
  • Extends equipment life: removes the lacquer, varnish & sludge which cause pump wear & valve stick that ultimately lead to break downs
  • Minimises health and safety risks compared with traditional solvent cleaners

How does it work?

  • Before an oil change, a Millers Oils Fluid Management Technician will arrive on site, and add Milliclean 1000T to the hydraulic system at 10 – 20% sump capacity.
  • Operations continue to run normally, while Milliclean 1000T acts quickly to clean all hydraulic pipework, couplings, hoses, tanks and pumps – removing lacquer, varnish and sludge.
  • After a period of up to 48 hours, our Fluid Management Technician will return to site and drain, flush then refill the system.

Before and after images (below) are taken looking down into the hydraulic sump of an injection moulding machine.