Trucksynth LE is a synthetic low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus & Sulphur) diesel engine oil; based on advanced lubricant technology and Group III base oils to provide maximum fuel efficiency for the latest generation of emission controlled Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI diesel engines.


Trucksynth LE is recommended for use in performance diesel engines. It meets the latest MB 228.51 and ACEA E6, E7, E9 (2012) specifications as required for the latest Euro IV, V and VI emission controls.

User Benefits

  • Maximum oil drain intervals, keeping vehicles on the road for longer
  • The synthetic low SAPS formulation of Trucksynth LE provides excellent wear protection under arduous conditions and gives maximum fuel economy through reduced friction. It is compatible with SCR and DPF systems fitted to lower emission Euro IV, V and VI v
  • The viscometric balance provided by the 10w40 synthetic low SAPS formulation ensures that oil circulates quickly around the engine at cold start-up, and also provides maximum film strength under operating temperatures and conditions
  • Low oil consumption is also a factor of Trucksynth LE, contributing to improved emission targets as required by modern legislation
  • Trucksynth LE is designed not only to meet the most stringent OEM specifications, but also to provide cost effectiveness through mechanical reliability, long engine and emission component life and optimum fuel economy