A high quality, low friction, fuel efficient engine oil. Part of the Millers Oils NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology range. Formulated to meet the requirements of Volvo VDS-3, MB 228.3, Cummins 20078, ACEA E7 and API CI-4 specification long drain diesel engines with the added benefits of reduced friction, improved fuel economy and a reduction in overall running costs.


Truckmaster EE 15w40 is especially suitable where long and extended oil drain intervals are required as part of the vehicle maintenance scheduling. The Millers Oils NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology adds further economical benefits. It is often used in conjunction with the Millers Oils Oil Analysis System to monitor oil condition throughout the drain interval.

User Benefits

  • A reduction in friction of up to 59% providing a reduction in wear of 8% compared to other standard E7 15w40 grades.
  • The coefficient of friction reduces rapidly as the engine temperature rises, maximising fuel economy, and reduces emissions accordingly.
  • Protects against wear, extending engine component life.
  • Overall running costs are reduced through lower fuel consumption and longer component life.
  • The combination of premium grade base oils, viscosity index improvers and the performance additive package has provided an engine oil of outstanding capability.