Multifleet 20w50 meets and exceeds latest specifications as called for by leading OEMs and provides excellent protection for today's commercial vehicles operating under arduous conditions


Multifleet 20w50 is recommended for use in diesel engines including those calling for ACEA E7 to meet the latest Euro 3 emission controlled engine requirements including both European and US manufactured engines. Multifleet 20w50 is formulated for use in diesel engines fitted to trucks, light commercial vehicles and vans and for 0ff-highway equipment, especially when operating conditions are severe. Multifleet 20w50 also complies to the API SL specification it is therefore recommended for operations where diesel engines form the major part of the fleet and where it is advantageous to use the same oil in petrol engines.

User Benefits

  • By using latest technology base oils and performance additive chemistry, Multifleet 20w50 meets and exceeds the requirements of commercial vehicle fleets with the added advantage of being able to be used in petrol engines. It is an ideal lubricant for the
  • Whilst standard oil drain periods are recommended, the quality reserve built in to Multifleet 20w50 ensures a performance margin at the end of stipulated drain intervals
  • Premium quality base oils and viscosity index improvers, maximum oxidation resistance and reduced oil consumption make Multifleet 20w50 the ideal selection for both new and older vehicles. Advanced additive chemistry ensures that solids from combustion ar