A high performance hydraulic fluid based on Group II base oils and performance additives. This hydraulic fluid is specifically formulated to ensure optimum oxidation resistance and oil cleanliness.


For use in hydraulic systems where higher performance and cleanliness levels are desired. Modern Hydraulic Systems are increasingly designed with reduced fluid volumes despite having to cope with increased operating temperatures and pressures. The smaller

User Benefits

  • Extremely high levels of rust and corrosion protection coupled with excellent thermal and oxidation stability to reduce the formation of varnish and sludge extends the life of the fluid and filter changes reducing downtime.
  • Advanced anti-wear technology extends component life and a reduction in valve and pump failure and replacement.
  • Excellent filtration properties separates water quickly. The oil will maintain levels of cleanliness (critical for modern valves and all servo valves) to the OEM's recommended levels, ISO (4406-1999) 16/14/11 or NAS (1638) 5.
  • Oil change intervals due to cleanliness may be extended by a factor of 3 and due to reduced oxidation by a factor of 4 compared to conventional mineral oils. Improved operational efficiencies lead to higher production rates and reduced energy requirements