An extensive range of high performance metalworking and grinding fluids suitable for engineering applications that require high performance micro-emulsions, semi - and fully synthetic water-based biostable solutions.


To be used when diluted with water at strengths ranging from 3% to 10% for grinding and creep feed grinding and 5% to 10% for general machining, thread cutting, deep hole drilling and reaming. Ferrous, high tensile and stainless steel, inconel, aluminium

User Benefits

  • High lubricity promotes excellent tool life.
  • Forms a stable solution in water between 50ppm and 400ppm. Providing a low foam product with good workpiece visibility and no sticky residues.
  • Free from secondary amines, phenols, nitrites, chlorine and sulphur.
  • Excellent bio-stability, anti-corrosion properties, fines handling and tramp oil rejection.