A high performance engine oil designed for both diesel and petrol engines where compliance with the latest Euro 3 specification for emission controlled engines is not required.


Ideal for use in trucks, light commercial vehicles, vans and passenger cars including off-highway vehicles such as contractors' plant where the specification meets their requirements.

User Benefits

  • Maxifleet 15w40 is formulated using high quality mineral base oils, high performance viscosity index improvers and performance additive chemistry providing high levels of detergency and dispersancy to ensure engine cleanliness.
  • By careful selection of a suitable viscosity, oil consumption can be kept to an absolute minimum also providing a buffer against possible fuel dilution.
  • Oil drain periods are kept to standard recommendations.
  • Maxifleet 15w40 is recommended where there is a wide variety of diesel and petrol engines not requiring the latest lubricant specifications and where a true 'work-horse' is required to provide maximum lubrication capability.