A highly effective diesel fuel treatment, which helps to eradicate bacterial and fungal contamination problems. Eclipse Shock dose is soluble in both fuel and water.


Eclipse Shock Dose is an effective diesel treatment that is designed to eradicate bacterial and fungal contamination normally associated with moisture levels as low as 100ppm [0.01%]. Millers Oils Eclipse Shock Dose should be used where bacterial and fungal contamination of the fuel and fuel system has already occurred. Add to fuel in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts fuel [1 ml/Litre]. For optimum effect add to the tank when one third full, then fill the tank. Allow sufficient treatment for the total volume of fuel. If practical to do so, tap off any free water at the bottom of the tank, prior to the addition of Eclipse Shock Dose. Eclipse Powercide Plus should be added to the fuel to offer continued protection against further contamination.

User Benefits

  • Bacterial and fungal contamination is fully treated and removed.
  • Cleans up contaminated fuel tanks and fuel systems.
  • Effectively treats blocked filters. (However filters in the range of 5 to 30 microns should take out the dead bodies)