The Millfood Chain and Gear Oil range are food grade full synthetic fluids. The characteristics of these fluids are particularly suited to the lubrication of drive chains, conveyor chains, gearbox and reduction units used in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and processing, packaging industries requiring food grade products.


For drive and conveyors chains apply sparingly by brush, can or automatic lube system. Millfood 220 Chain and Gear Oil with extra adhesive tackiness additive is most suitable for this application. For gearbox and reduction units select by viscosity.

User Benefits

  • Penetrates to the links and pins reducing wear and extending chain life.
  • Tackiness additive ensures non-drip, no fling, providing lasting lubrication.
  • Excellent adhesive properties ensures a high degree of water resistance protecting parts from corrosion even in the presence of acidic materials commonly associated with the food and drinks industries.
  • These high viscosity index products provide excellent thermal stability leading to maximum application versatility and extended service intervals.