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Morrisons (a large UK supermarket) appear to be the first fuel retailer to drop diesel prices below petrol for many years, a welcome relief for the many drivers across the country, especially as holiday season approaches.

However, concerns about diesel systems remain, with DPFs on all new diesels, much tighter emission controls and even talk of banning diesels from some city centres.

We have a range of products available to keep diesels running efficiently and cleanly and in the case of the DPF cleaner, helping to avoiding costly repairs or replacements.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Keeping the injectors clean and free from build up of combustion deposits keeps the engine running efficiently.

Injectors operate at high pressure and rely on producing a fine mist of fuel into the cylinder, partially clogged injectors affect the spray pattern and reduce fuel economy.

DPF Cleaner and Regnerator

Stop start driving and short journeys can lead to the DPF clogging with soot because it never gets to point that regeneration starts.

DPF Cleaner and Regenerator lowers the temperature at which the regeneration process starts, meaning it happens more frequently and prevents the clogging effect.

Use every third or fourth fill up as a preventive measure or in severe cases use to clean and regenerate a badly clogged DPF that has caused the car to lose power - this may take several doses, but it does avoid very expensive repairs or even replacements. One bottle treats 60 litres of fuel.

Diesel Power Ecomax

Diesel Power EcomaxEven with fuel costs being lower than they were a few months ago, it's still worth using our Ecomax products to get that little extra boost to fuel economy.

As well as offering fuel savings they also help keep the fuel system from tank through injectors clean and efficient.

Combustion enhancers in the formulation reduce the soot generated which on cars fitted with DPFs will reduce the tendency for blockage that requires potentially expensive replacement in the worst cases.

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