New Automotive oils

4 transmission fluids and a ford specific engine oil

We are pleased to announce the addition of 5 new products to our range – one engine oil and 4 transmission oils.

As a result of customer demand and the constant development of cars by manufacturers we have formulated 4 new automatic transmission fluids and a new lower viscosity engine oil. The XF Longlife EB 5w20 uses some of our Nanodrive low friction technology to reduce fuel consumption and enhance protection of engine components.

  • XF Longlife EB 5w20
  • Millermatic ATF DCT-DSG
  • Millermatic ATF D-VI
  • Millermatic ATF CVT
  • Millermatic ATF MB

All the new products come in 1, 5, 25 and 205 litre package sizes and carry the latest Millers labelling designs, introduced earlier this year.

Orders are now being taken.

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