Motorsport Industry Award

innovation and technology award

The annual MIA awards ceremony was held in Birmingham, UK on 10th January, coinciding with Autosport International.

500 executives from the world of motorsport gathered at the presentation to celebrate the achievements of the industry overall and the winners in particular.

Millers Oils were delighted to receive the Technology and Innovation Award, presented to Martyn Mann by Steve Sapsford of category sponsor Ricardo. There was strong competition from DeltaWing, Gill Sensors and the Zytek Group who were shortlisted for the award.

The award was given in recognition of the innovative work done on low friction formulations, now branded as Nanodrive Low Friction Technology.

Starting in 2009, the company developed low friction gear oils, offering the potential to reduce power losses in transmission systems and reduce wear - with it's associated maintenance costs. These gear oils collected the Most Innovative award at the World Motorsport Symposium 2009.

The demands on engine oils are different and required more innovative thinking from Martyn Mann and his team to achieve formulations that offer lower friction but still maintain or enhance component protection.

A growing list of independent references is proving the effectiveness of the CFS Nanodrive oils.

Similar low friction technology is now being introduced into other market sectors, notably the passenger car market, where the benefits to users will be improved fuel economy and reduced wear - meaning longer engine life and lower costs.

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