Millers Oils Wins Best for Oil and Fuel Additive Blending in North England

Millers Oils were announced as the winners for Best for Oil and Fuel Additive Blending in the North of England by CV Magazine. This award is part of the UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2016, which take place at the end of each year.

The 2016 UK Corporate Excellence Awards focus on firms across the UK who have proved, without a doubt, that they have been achieving business excellence despite the challenging conditions that this year has presented.

Established 130 years ago in 1887 by John Watson Miller in Brighouse, Yorkshire, Millers Oils today remains a significant local employer. Millers Oils are a highly innovative independent blender of market leading advanced oils and fuel treatments with a history of providing creative lubrication solutions for some of the world’s best known brands. Millers Oils product portfolios cover myriad sectors including Automotive, Motorsport and Classic vehicles, Agricultural and Commercial vehicles and a suite of highly advanced products for a wide variety of Industrial applications.

This award comes after a prosperous 2016 which included the new classic range launch and furthering our research on low friction oils to appear in a multitude of applications and sectors.

We feel very thankful to have won the award ‘best for oil and fuel additive blending in North England’. Being a small independent company within the large sector which is the oil industry it can be hard to compete against oil giants so winning awards like this are always warmly received. It means that the work we are doing is being noticed and furthermore appreciated.

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