Millers Oils New Classic Range

Millers Oils have been working hard on the re-launch of their classic range, bringing the past into the future.  Much inspiration has been taken from the Millers Oils historic packaging to give the new range a truly classic feel. Furthermore, they haven’t just used the vintage Millers Oils look, but also the feel, with the product being packaged in tins. The classic range has been updated where appropriate to ensure they are not only providing a well packaged product but the best product for varied classic vehicle needs in today’s motoring climate.

With Millers Oils having the most comprehensive range of vintage, classic, classic sport and classic fuel treatments, they are confident the range can continue, and excel in, providing the best in motoring support and protection and will continue to thrive in the marketplace.

The classic range of lubricants is specifically aimed at vintage and classic cars, respecting the needs of these vehicles. The Classic Sport High Performance utilizes advanced modern nanotechnology formulated in the Millers Oils research and development laboratory. A grade of which was designed specifically for use in the Triumph TR3S which they sponsored at Le Mans Classic this year.

The Triumph TR3S was faster than any of the other Triumph TR’s in Plateau 3, the grid for 1957-1961 era cars, and reached a speed of 137mph on the Mulsanne straight resulting in it being the fastest Triumph TR to ever circulate at Le Mans Classic.

When the team principal was asked about the race afterwards he said, “The partnership with Millers Oils has been a major part of this year’s success. The confidence that the Millers Oils classic range has instilled in the drivers when pushing hard, plus its modern technological attributes to reduce friction and enhance performance contributed hugely to the result.”

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