Millers Oils Fleet Investment

Millers Oils have invested in two new Renault trucks which aid in revitalising the fleet and will further assist the operations team. Both vehicles are 26-tonne Renault T 380 LONG HAUL – EURO 6’s.

An operations team’s comfort is key and is hugely catered for in these trucks. The T range cabs are top spec for driver comfort fitted with air suspended seats, three ambient lighting modes and a microwave and fridge.

Like any big haulier Millers Oils were keen to invest in energy saving vehicles, which in these trucks is provided through the improvements to the aerodynamics of the vehicle bodies.

This investment will help sustain and prolong the fleet life, something that Millers Oils is keen to achieve not just for themselves but for others too. This can be seen through the Eclipse fuel treatments which increase fuel efficiency, lowers emissions and cleans injectors.

Millers Oils offers a MILES programme, a 3-in-1 solution designed to provide fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs for fleets. It combines a fuel treatment additive, a nanodrive low friction engine oil and a nanodrive low friction gear oil. The fuel treatment is expected to typically reduce fuel consumption by 2-3%*, which for fleet operators is a large saving proportion.

Further benefits of the package include reducing wear, drag/friction and fuel consumption, to ensure we keep working vehicles working.

*Figures from independent trials carried out by Fleetstat Bureau Services

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