Martin Prokop 5th in WRC Mexico

excellent result

Finally, the 2014 WRC season can be considered as good as launched for Czech National Team following disappointments in Monte Carol and Sweden.

Martin Prokop and Jan Tománek had to travel to Mexico for good points and an excellent fifth place.

The last day of the rally offered besides a short super special stage and power stage with epic jumps also the longest special stage of the whole event with at 66 kilometres.

And although the final classification was virtually closed thanks to big gaps created on earlier legs, Prokop came close to complicating the whole rally for himself. He said;

“Some three kilometres before the end of the longest special stage I made a spun in a fast slope bend and I nearly turned the car on the roof. At the end all was ok for us and we are at the finish of this nice and demanding rally. We avoided bigger mistakes and also our car was without serious problemswhich has contirbuted to our success. I believe that the spell of this season is broken. I would like to thank to my whole team and fans, we can feel their support via social networks. And also some Czech fans came to support us here to the far Mexico what we appreciate very much."

Manager Quirin Müller added:

“Finally we managed it onto the finish ramp this year and we are bringing home good points. For the whole team this is a good and needed boost and I believe that now the season will continue successfully. We know we still have to work on speed a push ourselves forward, not only thanks to retirements of our competitors. We have another nine events this year to prove it. “

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