Le Mans Classic 2016 Timetable - Follow the action here!

We will be following the action from the Millers Oils sponsored TR Register entry here at Le Mans Classic and bringing you the latest stories to the comfort of your living room, office, smartphone or tablet via this live blog.

See earlier posts for the story behind the Triumph TR3S that we will be racing throughout the weekend. The timetable for the Triumph TR3S races is as follows (local time +1 hr UK time).

15:45 - 16.35 Day Practice / Qualifying
0.00 - 00.35 Night Practice / Qualifying

10.35 - 11.30 Jaguar Legends support race
12.00 - 12.45 Le Mans Group C race
19.20 - 20.23 Plateau 3 - Race 1 including Le Mans style start.

03:05 - 04:05 Plateau 3 - Race 2 (night stint)
10:37 - 11.47  Plateau 3 - Race 3

To explain the grid structure here at Le Mans Classic the 24 hour race is spilt into 6 groups or plateaus depending on which era the cars competing are from. This basically prevents 1920s vehicles being on track at the same time as much faster 1970s prototypes for example and allows for a better representation of cars in vast numbers from each era of Le Mans history.

  • Plateau 1 : 1923-1939
  • Plateau 2 : 1949-1956
  • Plateau 3 : 1957-1961
  • Plateau 4 : 1962-1965
  • Plateau 5 : 1966-1971
  • Plateau 6 : 1972-1979

The Millers Oils Triumph TR3S originally competed here at Le Mans in 1959, so we find ourselves in Plateau 3.

Each race begins with a traditional Le Mans style start, requiring the drivers to run across the straight to the cars assembled in a herringbone pattern, belt themselves in and be first away. After that first outlap the cars are then brought round for a modern rolling start.

To download the full programme including all other races click here

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