Last minute preparations for race start

Chris Ryan was able to feedback some valuable information after his night time qualifying session yesterday evening. As a result the crew were early to work to ensure the electrical connection problems experienced last night do not  re-occur and to address some braking issues that were also identified.

Some brake bias adjustment was made and then a clean flush and bleed of fresh new brake fluid. There were several other small adjustments made to the cabin to aid the drivers. In particular the crew are working on a fix for the fuel pump switch that , in its period 1959 position is causing issues with drivers wearing modern regulation fire retardant gloves. It was an issue driver John Sykes discovered during the 2014 campaign when he momentarily halted at Indianapolis after killing the fuel inadvertently whilst disengaging overdrive.

The race will be started by Chris Ryan with John Sykes returning to take over after the compulsory driver change on lap 3 or 4.

Conditions on track are very favourable, air temperatures being around 26 degrees centigrade on the Mulsanne straight.

Race 1 for the Milers Oils / TR Register Triumph TR3S will commence at 19.00 local time with a traditional Le Mans style start, where drivers are required to dash across the track, belt themselves in and get away from the line. In modern times, this is them followed by a FIA rolling start behind the Audi pace cars.

All the results and lap times from Race 1 will posted here , so keep checking back for more!

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