Hydraulic Oil Management service launched

for industrial users

A new two stage high-performance industrial oil management service is launched at the Plastics Design & Moulding show in Telford this week (18th-19th June). After successful field trials in both the UK and the US, the company is pleased to be able to provide this service exclusively in the UK, helping industrial manufacturers to completely clean their machinery while continuing normal production and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Stayclean “At Millers Oils we are always trying to find innovative ways to help our customers get the most out of their machinery,” says Bob Howard, Key Account Manager for the Industrial Sector, Millers Oils. “Our new service enables manufacturers to fully clean their machinery, without halting production or effecting finished part quality, and helps them to continue getting the most out of their equipment.”

The two step process uses Milliclean 1000T to first clean all parts of the hydraulic system, completely removing lacquer and sludge from tanks, valves, pumps and other important parts of the machinery, eliminating valve stick and improving energy efficiency. The system is then filled with Millmax Stayclean 46 (or 68 depending on the requirement) to keep the system free from further lacquer and sludge deposits, extend resistance to oil oxidation by up to four times and oil cleanliness by up to three times.

The Milliclean 1000T system cleaner not only cleans while the machine continues production, but also improves cycle times and cold start performances with no adverse effect on metallurgy, seals, hoses or elastomers. The Millmax Stayclean 46 uses new additive technology to maintain oil cleanliness, minimise oil oxidation and extend oil life, all contributing to reduced wear of components and needs for oil changes and top-ups.

The cleaning process takes 48 hours and is carried out by Millers Oils Fluid Management Engineers to ensure that it is carried out safely and successfully. Following the initial clean and the introduction of the Millmax StayClean hydraulic oil, independent oil sample tests will be completed every three months for a year to ensure the machinery is working to its optimum capacity. For more information or to arrange a service please email industrial@millersoils.co.uk

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