Formaldehyde-release biocides in metalworking fluids

From 1st December 2018, metalworking fluids containing the following formaldehyde-release biocides will require additional CLP labelling elements.


  • HPT (α,α’,α’’Trimethyl 1,3,5-triazine 1,3,5(2H,4H,6H)-triethanol, CAS 25254-50-6, EC no. 246-764-0);
  • MBM (N, N’-methylene bismorpholine, CAS 5625-90-1, EC no. 227-062-3) and
  • MBO (3,3’-Methylene-bis [5-methyloxazolidine], CAS 66204-44-2, EC no. 266-235-8)


The most significant of these labelling elements are shown below:

Signal word: DANGER                                        Pictogram: 

Hazard phrase: H350 May cause cancer


Millers Oils metalworking fluids that will be affected are listed below:

Existing product

Millcool Extra

Millcool M

Millcool M-EP

Millcool HD

Millcool SY 50

Milllgrind COB

Millgrind HPS


In light of the forthcoming labelling change, Millers Oils is now offering formaldehyde-free product so that we can continue to supply quality products that support and enhance safer metalworking processes.

Our long-standing partner in metalworking fluids, Quaker, has introduced a full range of boron and formaldehyde-free (BFF) products, including but not limited to:

Existing product

Alternative formaldehyde-free product

Quakeral 370 KLG

Quakercool 7200 HBFF

Quakercool 3750

Quakercool 3750 BFF

Quakercool 7100 HD

Quakercool 7100 HD BFF

Quakercool 7100 ALF

Quakercool 7601 BFFR

Quakercool 7101 LF

Quakercool 7101 BFF

Technical and safety data sheets are available on request. Please contact your account manager or our technical team for more information about the product range.

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