DPF Cleaner and regenerator

new fuel additive launched

We are pleased to announce the addition of an effective DPF cleaner to our range.

Diesel Particulater Filters are mandatory on all new diesel cars and are found on many models registered over the past 5 years. Many drivers don't even know their car has one, until a dreaded warning light appears on their dashboard telling them they have problems. DPF replacements can be very expensive.

The DPF removes soot particles from exhaust gasses, preventing them causing pollution. The soot that is collected is burnt off periodically by a process called regeneration. Certain conditions must be met for this regeneration to start.

Short trips and stop start driving mean lower exhaust gas temperatures and the regeneration will not take place. This leads to more soot being collected in the DPF until finally the warning light comes on, the car starts losing power and eventually becomes undriveable.

The DPF cleaner lowers the temperature at which regeneration takes place, meaning it is more likely to happen on the problematical short trips, keeping the filter cleaner.

Our one shot treatment is formulated to give fast results and is ideal for drivers who make many short, stop start trips. It is for emergency use (when the warning light comes on) or as a preventative measure every 3000 km.

Orders are now being taken.

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