Friday Daytime Practice / Qualifying

Le Mans can be a cruel place, just ask any of the Toyota team from this year's modern 24 hour race who had to watch on as their car drifted to a halt just a lap from victory. But sometimes the frustration of racing at La Sarthe begins before a wheel is even turned in anger on the track and so far, the Millers Oils and TR Register team have experienced just that.

As some with racing background will know, the rule book can often be 'open to interpretation' and so far this has been the case. Scrutineering deemed the battery clamp and fire extinguisher mounting unsatisfactory yesterday and we failed to pass.

Those items were fixed and the car re-submitted to scrutineering.

The car failed again, this time on technicality regarding the invitation to race paperwork.

Then after a hearing we were allowed to proceed again, we formed up on the grid and the scrutineers - who seem to lurk at all points of the circuit this year- once again deemed us unable to race and pulled the car on a seatbelt related technicality.

However after yet another hearing with the ACO officials we are once again cleared for racing and Chris Ryan, who many of you will have seen racing a TR4 in the various UK historic championships will take the wheel for the night practice.

Chris is understandably nervous having raced here only once six years ago , never at night and never in this Triumph TR3S so he now has quite a challenge ahead of him to learn the worlds most demanding circuit whilst in the dark.

The result of all the scrutineering issues means that we will start the race tomorrow, but from the back of the grid. However, to coin a famous Le Mans cliche - "its a long race, a very long race indeed."

Some images of the car heading to daytime practice and qualifying , Friday afternoon:

IMG_0210 IMG_0212 IMG_0217 IMG_0221

There are other Triumphs TRs in attendance too (more on these later):

IMG_0142 IMG_0170


And some gorgeous rivals elsewhere in our class and plateau:

IMG_0144  IMG_0147 IMG_0157 IMG_0164  IMG_0182 IMG_0186

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