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Millers Oils were keen to evaluate customer’s perceptions of our Company, regarding the services we offer. A Customer Survey was designed to gather the data/feedback.

Following completion of the survey, the respondent would be entered into a prize draw to win an i-PAD mini.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our 2013 customer survey was “ANNE from ILKLEY” Pictured here.

Many thanks, to all who have completed our customer survey. Your feedback has been valuable.

Here is a sample of what customers said about us.

  • You get exactly what it says on the tin! If you want cheap oil then go elsewhere
  • The staff that work there are very friendly, very efficient and know exactly what they're talking about. The deliveries are always on time. Never had any problem whatsoever with Millers Oils! You can't beat the service at Millers oils
  • It stands out as a Professional Company who has the background support to ultimately look after the Customer through Technical advice, problem solving which I have found excellent compared to other Major Brands. You treat us like a Customer rather than an Account number and hence the working together feeling is reassuring. Best all round oil supplier I have had the pleasure to do business with
  • The product is fantastic. Nothing else comes close
  • I have only ever had one problem that I can think of and that was dealt with promptly. Millers is a very professional and efficient company
  • In a nut shell, they tick the boxes

The response from our customers is very pleasing, with a massive 681 responses.

We can enjoy a 16.2% reply rate. This is above the average reply rate of 5-15%.

To receive the amount of feedback / additional comments is fantastic and can only show the passion our customers have for our products and services

Feel free to add your comments by taking part in the survey here

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