CFS NT Nanodrive Oils

available for delivery

Following a succesful launch at Autosport International in January 2012, production of sales volumes of the innovative CFS NT Nanodrive engine oils started in earnest.

The new engine oils will not replace the successful triple ester CFS range of products that have been available for several years, and which have proved popular with racers and drivers of high performance road cars.

Until now the CFS engine oils have been available in viscosities from 5w40 up to 10w60.The new Nanodrive oils are available in a wider range of viscosities with the addition of 0w20 and 0w30 oils, designed for shorter duration or qualification races.

The whole range is designed to reduce friction, especially at higher temperatures and loads. This reduction in friction reduces engine wear, an attribute of race engine oil that was found to be of great importance in a recent engine oil survey.

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