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Skoda Rally Car Rogue Motorsport conducted a back to back test comparing Millers Oils CFS 5w40 with the new Nanodrive CFS 5w40NT. The Toyota MR2 Roadster modified for track day use.

Car Details

  • Toyota MR2 Roadster
  • 1.8 litre Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine

The test car had been modified for track day use and the engine incorporates variable valve timing and lift technology. The same engine is also found in the series 2 Lotus Elise and Exige.

Before the first test a new oil filter and fresh Millers CFS 5w40 were added to the car. The engine was run up to temperature on a Thor Racing chassis dynamometer.
Once satisfied that peak performance figures were achieved, a number of power runs were completed which returned consistent results.

Between tests on the 2 oils the engine oil was drained and replaced with new Millers CFS 5w40NT and a fresh filter installed. The engine was run up to operating temperature and further power runs completed. These runs showed consistently higher values throughout the rev range, as well as increased power and torque figures.


  • Changing from CFS 5w40 to CFS 5w40 NT Nanodrive gave 6 HP extra peak power (+3.8 %) measured at the hubs
  • Maximum torque was also increased by 3.5% from 113 ft/lbs to 117 ft/lbs

Power Test

Skoda engine testing CFS 10w60 NanodriveComment from the test team

Managing Director of Rogue Motorsport Patrick Mortell commented:
“The results are impressive. Naturally aspirated engines are notoriously expensive to tune for significant gain and since we were already using a motorsport grade oil we hadn’t expected to see this much improvement.”
“We believe that the benefits of lower friction will not only reduce wear but also reduce the peak oil temperatures associated with trackday use.

We’re planning further testing on our 24hr endurance race car and intend to switch our race team over to the new Nano Technology oils.”

Millers Oils are supporting the Toyota MR2 Championship in 2012.

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