Millers Oils provide a range of competition full synthetic engine oil formulated with 100% synthetic base fluids, including a synergistic blend of three esters combined with part of our NANODRIVE low friction technology.

CFS 5w40

Suitable for fast road, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs. It is also suited to engines with hydraulic tappets such as the Ford Zetec.

CFS 10w40

Designed for smaller capacity race and rally engines and turbocharged engines for fast road and track days.

CFS 10w50

Recommended for race and rally engines and is particularly suited to modified, high performance vehicles with or without turbochargers, for fast road and track day use.

CFS 10w60

Recommended for fast road and racing use. This grade is suited to larger race and rally engines, with or without turbochargers.

CFS 15w60

A slightly heavier base viscosity to provide maximum protection in high ambient temperatures and highly stressed applications.