Driven by our obsession to produce highly innovative products which offer outstanding friction reduction properties and further to an intense development programme, Millers Oils, the masters of low friction technology, are delighted to announce the launch of their new and improved next generation of competition racing oils incorporating our multi award winning NANODRIVE ultra low friction technology across the whole range. The new portfolio offers two levels of performance characteristics which both deliver significantly improved levels of performance and markedly enhanced friction reduction properties over and above the competition and our own current market leading motorsport ranges.


This graph shows the film, friction and temperature levels of a typical 5w40. The blue line indicates the friction coefficient that stays at the same level throughout.

What we can see in the results from our CFS 5w40 with new Nano Treatment is that there is a significant drop in friction levels. This means that there is less drag within the engine leading to more horsepower and a lower use of energy and fuel. The drop in friction is due to our new and unique, nano technology treatment. The point at where the friction drops to it’s lowest point becomes it’s activation point meaning the friction will not now go over that amount when the engine is started up.


Millers Oils Synthetic Oil

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