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Millers Oils have a proud heritage of developing and supplying industrial lubricants that can be traced back to the manufacture of textile lubricants for the woollen mills of the West Yorkshire region.

Technology has changed since these early days and Millers Oils has shown that it can not only adapt to change but that it can thrive in the fast moving world of modern manufacturing.

From pro active technical support to our ‘state of the art’ laboratory facilities, we have the proven ability to technically partner manufacturing companies around the world and help optimise their production by eliminating unscheduled downtime.

Millers Oils are proud to be big enough to be a technological leader in lubricants and partner for major manufacturers, but small enough to be truly flexible in outlook and ability to supply bespoke problem solving oils.

From our textile oils, metalworking fluids, hydraulic oils, process oils and advanced gearbox oils, to a whole range of food quality lubricants, Millers has the technology and service.

Services from Millers Oils Fluid Management Team

The Millers Oils Fluid Management Team is proving to be an important resource for our customers. The team regularly undertake the following work in locations all over the UK

  • Regular coolant monitoring and bacterial dip slide testing in line with HSE recommendations.
  • Hydraulic oil filtering to OEM specifications.
  • Hydraulic and system cleaning and refilling.
  • Lubrication surveying.

These services are available to you.
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Get clean and stayclean service for users of hydraulic equipment - to cut costs and increase efficiency


Clean Hydraulic Parts

An example of clean and dirty parts resulting from the use of Get Clean - Stay Clean technology

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1887 Sales Ledger , fascinating insight into the history of Yorkshire Mills, click here


We are working with Qimtek and their extensive database services to reach more industrial customers