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biscuit production using oil

Millers Oils help improve productivity and efficiency in the food industry


An extensive range of lubricants, greases and aerosols that maintain consistently high performance in the aggressive working environments commonly found in these markets. They comply with FDA safety guidelines.


Millfood products are

  • NSF H1 registered (see datasheets) and independently assessed
  • Safe for incidental food contact
  • Manufactured using FDA-listed substances and contain no known allergens, genetically-modified components, animal extracts, sources of latex, wheat, gluten, celery, mustard, sulphites, dairy produce, nuts, nut oil or their derivatives

The Millfood brand includes oils and lubricants for many types of processes and equipment used in the food industry. Products are similar to other industrial oils from Millers Oils, the key difference being NSF H1 approval/registration.

Keeping manufacturing equipment running in these demanding industries with conventional lubricants isn’t the only concern. There’s a need for lubricants that cause no harm to the products being manufactured if contact does occur.

Millfood Synthetic Multipurpose Oil

Fully synthetic non-toxic multipurpose oil, designed for a wide range of applications.

Developed for hydraulic systems within the food, drink, pharmaceutical, processing and packaging industries which require specific viscosities, approvals and non-staining capabilities.

  • Low friction coefficient provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear
  • Extremely low foaming capabilities, reduces residues and extends maintenance intervals
  • High viscosity index provides excellent thermal stability leading to extended service intervals

Millfood Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Fully synthetic non-toxic hydraulic oil (with a polyalphaolefin (PAO) base) for food, drink, pharmaceutical and other processing industries. Manufactured to meet higher performance levels than the standard Millfood hydraulic oils.

Ideal for hydraulic systems and compressors requiring food grade approval and non-staining capabilities, with the added benefits of lower pour point, higher flash point and a greater temperature range span than standard Millfood hydraulic oils.

  • Low friction coefficient provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear
  • Extremely low foaming capabilities, reduces residues and extends maintenance levels, helping to reduce costs
  • This type of synthetic fluid provides outstanding thermal stability leading to extended service intervals

Millfood Chain and Gear Oil

DRI-COAT ULTRA WR220 is a unique NSF H1 non-deposit forming, high temperature chain lubricant. Long lasting performance offers the potential to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Our wider range of fully synthetic chain and gearbox oils is applied by brush, oil can or automatic lube system. Millfood 220 Chain & Gear oil contains an extra tackiness additive and is highly suitable for high speed production lines.

On chains:

  • Penetrates the links and pins to reduce wear and extend chain life
  • Tackiness additive ensures non-drip, no-fling operation and provides lasting lubrication
  • Excellent adhesive properties ensure a high degree of water-resistance, protecting parts from corrosion even in the presence of acids often found in food and drink manufacture
  • The high viscosity index provides excellent temperature/viscosity stability, increasing versatility and extending service intervals

In gearboxes and reduction units, select by viscosity requirement:

  • High level of oxidation stability extends fluid life
  • Unaffected by water. The demulsification process ensures total separation of water from oil
  • Tackiness additive coats gear surfaces, reducing wear at start-up
  • High viscosity index limits changes in viscosity as temperature increases


We also supply a number of products where H1 approval is not required including


pharmaceutical production line
pharmaceutical production line

Pharmaceutical Filling Process

drink bottling process

Bottled Drink Filling

bread production

Bread Production line

Crisp Production

Crisp Production