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Re-refining Processes

A process of reclaiming used lubricant oils and restoring them to a condition similar to that of virgin stocks by filtration, clay adsorption or more elaborate methods.

Reaming Processes

A metal machining operation where a rotary tool is used to make a fine cut to improve the accuracy of a round hole and reduce the roughness of the hole surface

Refining Processes

Series of processes to convert crude oil and its fractions into finished petroleum products, which may include thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, polymerization, alkylation, reforming, hydro cracking, hydro foaming, hydrogenation, hydrogen treating, Hy

Ring Sticking Engine Performance

Freezing of a piston ring in its groove in a piston engine or reciprocating compressor due to heavy deposits in the piston ring zone.

Rust Processes

Slow oxidation of iron.

Rust Inhibitor Products

A lubricant additive for protecting ferrous (iron and steel) components from rusting caused by water contamination or other harmful materials from oil degradation. Some rust inhibitors operate similarly to corrosion inhibitors by reacting chemically to fo

Rust Preventive Products

Compound for coating iron surfaces with a film that protects against rust. Commonly used to preserve equipment in storage.

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