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Octane Number Parameters

A measure of a fuels ability to prevent detonation in a spark-ignition engine.

OE Parameters

Original Equipment, used in reference to the specification of products or parts as advised by the original manufacturer

Organic Acid Parameters

An organic compound, with acid properties, obtained from organic substances such as animal, vegetable and mineral oils, i.e., a fatty acid.

Oxidation Processes

A form of chemical deterioration to which petroleum products — like most other organic materials — are subject. The resistance of many petroleum products to oxidation, however, is very high. Oxidation usually involves the addition of oxygen atoms, and the

Oxidation Inhibitor Chemicals

Chemical added in small quantities to a petroleum product to increase its oxidation resistance and thus to lengthen its service or storage life. An oxidation inhibitor may combine with the peroxides formed initially by oxidation, thereby modifying them in

Oxidation Stability Properties

Resistance of an oil product to oxidation and, therefore, a measure of its potential service or storage life.

Oxygenated Fuels Chemicals

Fuels for internal combustion engines that contain oxygen combined in the molecule, e.g., alcohols, ethers and esters. Term also applies to blends of gasoline with oxygenates, e.g., Gasohol, which contains 10% by volume of anhydrous ethanol in unleaded ga

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