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Naphthenic Chemicals

A type of petroleum fluid derived from naphthenic crude oil, containing a high proportion of closed-ring methylene groups.

Neutralization Number Parameters

A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of an oil.

Newtonian Flow Properties

Occurs in a liquid system where the rate of shear is directly proportional to the shearing force, as with straight grade oils which do not contain polymeric viscosity modifier. When rate of shear is not directly proportional to the shearing force, flow is

Nitration Engine Performance

Process where nitrogen oxides attack petroleum fluids at high temperatures, often resulting in viscosity increase and deposit formation. Nitration only occurs in applications where fuel is used.

NLGI Industry Associations

National Lubricating Grease Institute, an industry group that monitors grease and sets penetration standards for grading greases.

NMMA Industry Associations

National Marine Manufacturers Association

Non-Newtonian fluid Properties

Fluid, such as a grease or a polymer-containing oil (e.g., multi-grade oil), in which shear stress is not proportional to shear rate.

NSF H1 Industry Associations

National Sanitation Foundation classification for general – incidental contact with food products.

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