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High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscosity (HTHS) Parameters

A measure of a fluids resistance to flow under conditions resembling highly-loaded journal bearings in fired internal combustion engines, typically 1 million s-1 at 150oC.

Horsepower Engine Performance

A measurement of an engines power, equal to 550 foot pounds of torque per second.

Hydro cracking Processes

A process used by a few manufacturers of superior quality lubricant base stock. In this process, a petroleum feedstock is reacted with hydrogen, in the presence of a catalyst, at very high temperatures (400-425°C) and pressures (3000 + psi). Under these s

Hydro finishing Processes

A process for treating raw extracted base stocks with hydrogen to saturate them for improved stability.

Hydro Isomerization Processes

The Hydro Isomerization process employs a special catalyst which selectively isomerizes wax molecules to isoparaffinic lube oils. The process produces base stocks with higher VIs (Viscosity Index) and improved low temperature fluidity, compared to stocks

Hydrocarbons Chemicals

Compounds of hydrogen & carbon of which petroleum products are typical examples. Also known as organic compounds.

Hydrodynamic Lubrication Properties

A lubrication regime characterized by a full fluid film between two moving surfaces. The most common example is the type of lubrication that occurs in oil lubricated journal bearings. The movement of one surface (the shaft or journal) "pulls" lubricating

Hydrolytic Stability Properties

Ability of additives and certain synthetic lubricants to resist chemical decomposition (hydrolysis) in the presence of water.

Hydrotreating Processes

A generic name for a refinery process for treating fuels and lubricant feedstock at elevated temperatures, in the presence of pressurized hydrogen and a catalyst. This relatively mild process is sometimes called "Hydro finishing" and is used to improve th

Hypoid Gear Lubricant Products

A gear lubricant having extreme pressure characteristics for use in hypoid type gears (as in the differential of an automobile).

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